Guaranteed Residential Electrical for Better Energy Efficiency

Whether you are remodeling an old house or building a new house, Homewood Electric is the company to call for all residential electrical services.

As a family owned company that has been serving Iowa City, and the surrounding Corridor area since 1959, our electricians have learned through experience; following the trends and electrical code changes throughout the decades.


Some Things We Can Help With:

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Breakers that Keep Tripping
  • Fiber Optic Lines for Internet Services
  • Lighting – LED Upgrades, Strip Lighting, Recessed Lighting
  • Security System and Security Camera Wiring
  • Energy Efficient Lighting and Wiring
  • General Electrical Repairs
  • Generators

Electrical Services for Your New Home

Whether you just need basic electrical wiring in your new home, or have needs for energy efficient lighting and sensored lighting, and phone lines, or even plan to have a high end security system installed, for easier installation of electronic equipment.

Electrical infrastructure is largely unseen, but you will notice if it’s not done right. Tripping breakers and dimly lit rooms will make you wish you had the guidance of expert electricians. Homewood Electric’s certified electricians keep ahead of the trends and provide quality electrical services for every home.

Quality Electric for Your Home Remodel

Your existing house might not be as energy efficient as it could be, and when you’re remodeling is a great time to think about more energy efficient electrical infrastructure, lighting and more. With LED lighting and sensor lights, fiber optics for your internet lines, electrical outlets, and/or switches in all the right places you can save money and have a beautifully lit, user-friendly home.

Does the fuse keep blowing? It’s time for a service upgrade. Breaker boxes are a worthwhile investment to help bring your home up to the latest code changes as well as save energy and money.

Decorative Light Fixtures


Do You Want a Smart House?

Control your lights and garage door from your phone, turn up your heat just before you leave work, and add photo cells to control outdoor lighting. Homewood Electric offers these services and so many more for a more energy efficient and intuitive home.

Generators for Electricity Even When It’s Out

No matter how big or small your house is, Homewood Electric can hook you up with a generator that will keep the lights on and the hot water heater going, even when Iowa storms take out your electrical service for days. Generators allow you to power your home with natural gas or propane.


Contact the certified electricians at Homewood Electric at 319.338.8913 for all of these services. See what our customers are saying about our services, read our testimonials.