Light Up Your Life with Better Lighting Solutions

Many times light is cast that is too yellow, too harsh, too dim or it doesn’t give you enough options. There are lighting solutions for the interior or exterior of your home or business that will be easier on your eyes, energy efficient and cost effective. Homewood Electric specializes in lighting design, including fixture installation, repair and replacement for recessed, fluorescent, under-cabinet, LED, and incandescent lighting with dimmer switches.

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Save Money with Energy Efficient LED Lights

Switching your home or business to LED lighting throughout has several benefits, including saving on your electric bill, changing bulbs less frequently and superior light quality. An LED bulb can last up to a decade, which saves time not changing bulbs every few months and is better for the environment. If you own a business, there may be incentives for energy efficiency when you convert your lighting to LEDs, resulting in a payback on initial investment in just a few years.

LED Faux Can

LED Faux Can

LED Strip Lights to Brighten Up Dark Corners

You will enjoy the extra light the LED Strip lighting creates under cabinets, on built-in shelving displays and even in bathrooms near the tub. The lights can be wired into a switch just like any other light in your home and add beautiful accents to spots that are otherwise shaded from ceiling lights.

LED strip lighting

LED Strip Lighting in Master Bath

Motion Sensor Lighting for Your Bathrooms

Nobody spends more than a few minutes at a time in the bathroom, but getting the kids to shut off the lights is nearly impossible. Sensor lighting is great for your bathroom, pantry or laundry room, where you go to do a quick task and get out. Lights come on when you enter the room, and go off after motion is last detected.

Photo Cell Sensor Lighting for Energy Efficiency in Your Great Outdoors

Your house looks great all lit up at night with decorative exterior post lights, landscape lighting and entrance lights; but remembering to shut those off is another story. With photo cell sensor controls for your lighting, the lights will go on when the sun goes down and shut off when the sun rises in the morning. Controlled lighting is a great way to save money on your electric bill!

Set the Mood with Dimmer Switches

Sometimes you want a softer light for the fireplace or in the living room for watching movies. Dimmer switches work with light fixtures and can be a great accent to those rooms that you don’t want full light or complete darkness in at all times.  Lighting is a major factor in any home design, and every person has preferences as to whether they like it bright, dim or dark. Sometimes, it depends on the moment, so dimmers give you the options that you want.

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