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Commercial Electrical Services to Save Your Bottom Line

If you own a business, cutting costs is always at the top of the to-do list, and investing in more energy efficient electrical infrastructure and lighting offers a fast return on investment. Homewood Electric provides commercial electrical installation and repair that is compliant with the code.

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Service Upgrades from Fuses to Electrical Breakers
  • Fiber Optic Lines for Internet Services
  • Structural Wiring Systems for Computer Networks
  • Lighting – LED Upgrades, Strip Lighting, Recessed Lighting
  • Security System and Security Camera Wiring
  • Energy Efficient Lighting and Wiring
  • General Electrical Repairs
  • Generators


Electric Wiring for Your New Commercial Building

When you are constructing a new building, you have an idea of how many computers, what kind of lighting is needed, and where you need outlets or internet hook-ups. Homewood Electric can make sure the wiring is where you need it in compliance with the latest electrical code.

There are some electrical products and offerings that you may need guidance on, and our certified electricians and masters of electrical services can show you the best options for energy efficient lighting and LEDs, electrical wiring and more. It’s easier to run electrical infrastructure when a building is still down to bare studs than it is when you need to run wires behind drywall.


Electrical Upgrades for Commercial Building Renovations

Your existing commercial building can be more functional and more energy finished after renovations that include electrical upgrades and new LED lighting. Most older buildings need to be brought up to electrical code and our electricians can offer advice on the best wiring practices for your business environment, no matter the industry. Not only is newer wiring often safer and more stable, but new lighting offers energy savings that are good for your bottom line.

Security System to Keep Your Investments Safe

Homewood Electric offers support and coordination for your security, in order to make sure that the electrical wiring is in place for easy installation of security systems and video cameras.

The security of your company, in order to make sure that the electrical wiring is in place for easy installation of security systems and video cameras.

Keep Your Company in Business Even When the Lights Go Out

If you want to make sure your commercial or industrial business can still do business even when the electricity is out, contact Homewood Electric about generators. Whether you have an office building or a grocery store, Homewood Electric can hook you up with a generator that will keep the lights on and the hot water heater going, even when Iowa storms take out your electrical service for days. Generators allow you to power your business with natural gas or propane when you would otherwise be living by candle light.


Read our testimonials to see what our customers are saying about our services. Contact the certified electricians at Homewood Electric at 319.338.8913 for all of these services and more!